Body Sculpting

Non-invasive fat reduction solutions as well as non-surgical body sculpting treatments for every body type.

If you’ve ever had extra weight, you know just how hard it can be to lose those excess pounds. You may have tried surgeries, special diet plans, countless diet pills but nothing worked. The most popular weight-loss surgeries involve restrictive diets both before and after the surgery, incisions, and long recovery times. If you follow the aesthetic laser treatment for weight loss by Ion foot detox, you are bound to receive optimum results. Try laser fat removal at 5280 Laser Aesthetics. We will not only help you get rid of the extra weight through laser body sculpting but also remove toxins that clog your body and add weight. 

Find out more about the laser fat removal services we offer in Thornton CO:
● Strawberry Laser Lipo
● Trifecta Light Therapy

Laser Fat Removal Cost

Cut down your target areas, reshape your body, and tighten and tone that loose skin. At 5280 Laser Aesthetics, we understand that exercise and diet aren’t just enough to remove that stubborn body fat. We offer body sculpting services together with minimally-invasive liposuction procedures that will permanently remove the excess fat and also utilize your natural fat to reconstruct your natural contours and grant you that shape that you’ve always craved. Laser fat removal cost differs depending on the areas of concern for instance stomach laser fat removal or hip laser fat removal. It also depends on your ultimate goals and the number of sessions required.

Check out below for our prices: 

Laser Lipo - Arms

Laser Lipo  - Back

Laser Lipo - Thighs Galore - Upper, Inner, & Outer Thighs

Laser Lipo - Stomach - First Appointment (1hr)

Laser Lipo - Stomach - Subsequent Appointment (45 min)

Laser Lipo Inch Loss - Chin(s)

Laser Lipo - Mens Pecks

Laser Lipo - Butt

Laser Lipo - Calves

Laser Lipo - Lower Thighs

Laser Lipo - Side by Side

Ionic Foot Bath - 30 min

Ionic Foot Bath - 60 min

Ionic Foot Bath - 10 Session Special

Membership - 3 month min. 
















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