Facial Hair Removal Services

State of the Art Laser Hair Removal services for all those areas on your body where you would rather not have hair! 

You may not feel as confident with unwanted facial hair, but doesn’t have to be this way though; you can get rid of facial hair using laser hair removal treatment. It's fast, easy, and more comfortable compared to other techniques such as waxing and electrolysis. If you are planning on undergoing laser facial hair removal, consider 5280 Laser Aesthetics.

The laser hair removal on face procedure takes about ten minutes, and you don’t have to grow out your hair for this treatment to be effective.

While there are several ways to conceal facial hair, in the end, whiskers and ingrown hair certainly return. Your face is your first impression, the very first thing people see when they look at you. Don’t let fuzz kill your confidence. Get glossy smooth skin on your face, lips, sideburns, and chin using laser hair removal for the face.

Aesthetic Laser Hair Removal Cost

Facial laser hair removal is among the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the U.S.A. So, if you are not content with waxing, tweezing, or shaving, laser hair removal may be exactly what you need to get rid of unwanted hair. 

Facial treatments usually take about 10 minutes; it’s a procedure that can be performed over your lunch break.

Check out our costs below:



Ears and/or Nose

Full Face - Men

Full Face - Women

Sides of Face


Glabella Area (between the eyebrows)

Lip WITH Chin

Lip OR Chin











Don’t live with the embarrassment and annoyance that facial hair brings. 5280 Laser Aesthetics performs safe and quick laser facial hair removal to free you from the painful waxing and plucking. Our service areas include Thornton, Westminster, Northglenn, Broomfield, and Boulder, CO. Call us today to book!

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