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Tired of shaving, waxing strips and messy products?

13 June, 2021

Shaving, waxing, or strips all last only a few days, and you never have the same effect until you shave or wax regularly, which can be very harmful to the skin, not to mention painful and time-consuming. 
Whole-body laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles from within, so you have very little chance of hair growing back at the same pace.

It’s Painless
People don’t like talking about the immensely painful process of uprooting their hair, but it’s a major problem if you need to stay well-groomed. And to add to that, the effects are not even long-lasting. It is pretty painless, and if you have a low pain threshold, a numbing cream can ensure you don’t even realize the procedure is in progress. 
No Side Effects
Shaving can give rise to ingrown hair, cuts, and razor burns. Waxing is not much better, which can create major problems in sensitive creams, especially if your beautician is less experienced. The laser hair removal full body package is a simple procedure where only the hair follicle is targeted, so you don’t suffer any harmful side effects.
It’s Quick
10 to 15-minute sessions of whole-body laser hair removal will eliminate the need for you to go through the hassle of grooming repeatedly. Whether it's your face, underarms, hands, or bikini areas, the sessions are short and you can get up and running right after the session has finished, so no downtime.

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