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Rejuvenate your Skin with Our Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

15 June, 2021

Our skin sells us out more easily when it comes to our age. The skin is an exceptional organ. Not only does it constantly renew itself, but it is also the largest organ in our bodies, capable of safeguarding the entire body from various environmental threats and hazards. Since it’s the outermost part of the body, the skin is affected by everything that comes its way. From sun rays to stress to lotions and biological aging, your skin deals with numerous elements in a cumulative manner. There is some good news though; the results of both internal and external irritants can now be alleviated through cosmetic laser.

At 5280 Laser Aesthetics, we are proud to be offering Colorado laser skin resurfacing treatments using certified laser resurfacing techniques. Non-ablative laser skin resurfacing uses a laser to enhance the appearance of your skin quality and texture. While at it, the laser also deals with minor facial imperfections by getting rid of damaged outer layers of skin. This way, new collagen, and skin can form.

Unlike traditional laser skin resurfacing procedures that were painful, harsh and required notable downtime, modern treatments have become popular due to negligible downtime and excellent results. These treatments can be done on the face, arms, hands, neck, and chest.
Lasers can help:
  • Improve skin firmness and suppleness
  • Induce collagen production for a more youthful, firmer skin
  • Erase sun-induced acne scars and brown spots 
  • Dramatically reduce wrinkles
  • Smooth “hills and valleys” brought about by chicken pox scars
Patients who undergo laser skin resurfacing may experience some rosiness on the day of the treatment with mild peeling, possibly for 1 to 2 days afterward. This treatment doesn’t require any downtime.

Do you suffer from acne scars, or do you simply want to get rid of wrinkles? Laser resurfacing treatment may be exactly what you need.  Book your appointment today!
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