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Consider Skin Tightening for that loose or wrinkled skin

17 June, 2021

There are many types of laser skin tightening treatments that can help you get your desired results in a way that suits your lifestyle.
At 5280 Laser Aesthetics, we offer laser and radiofrequency treatments to tighten your skin and improve your look for a more youthful appearance. Thanks to improved technology, we can now offer you these nonsurgical, noninvasive alternatives to traditional tightening techniques. 

Laser skin tightening is often used to treat:
  • Facial tones
  • Uneven and wrinkly skin
  • Fine lines around the face
  • Particular problem areas across the whole body
It’s good to note that no matter your skin type, laser tightening treatments are safe and can be done on any part of the body that requires skin firming. One of the most popular firming treatment areas is the neck of people who do not want to undergo a surgical neck lift. We also have face tightening laser and laser skin tightening for the stomach.

Laser skin tightening costs vary based on:
  • Condition of the skin
  • Size of the area
  • Your skin type
  • The number of treatments needed
Prices for radio frequency skin tightening in our clinic range between $ 35 and $ 200. Each treatment takes approximately 15 to 45 minutes.

If you are ready to enjoy reduced fine lines and wrinkles without the need for surgery, Book your appointment today!
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