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Do you have Age Spots, Sun Spots?

18 June, 2021

Age spots don’t only cause trouble for your skin, but they can severely impact your self-confidence and happiness. If you have gained a few spots with age, sun damage, or scars, a permanent solution is to get laser age spot removal treatment. Read on to learn all about our cosmetic laser treatment for age and sunspots.
A licensed technician will discuss your skin needs, then sessions will be scheduled where high-energy lasers will be focused on your skin to remove any unwanted brown and red spots from your skin. Some common examples include sunspots, damaged capillaries, angiomas, and liver spots.

It can last 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your unique skin type, depth, color, and size of the spots. If you have way too many spots, our technician can divide the session into multiple visits, so you can plan and manage the treatment better. 

Red spots usually go away with only a couple of visits. Brown spots take around two, three visits. Broken capillaries or scars can take longer, depending on how extensive the damage is.

After Age Spot Removal Laser Procedure

The treated area can be red and have a bruised look for over 7 to 10 days. It could feel like a sunburn with mild discomfort, which is expected and very manageable. You don’t need any extra off days for age spot removal laser and can get back to your regular schedule pretty much immediately.

Just make sure you keep the treated area covered from the sun for at least six weeks. Wear sunblock. Keep it well-moisturized and cleaned. Our technician will take you through the complete maintenance procedure so that you can work on recovery as comfortably as possible. 

Age spot removal laser procedure is a low maintenance, ablative, and non-invasive procedure that gives you a complete skin tighten and improvement.  Book your appointment today!
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