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Cherry Angioma Removal Services

18 June, 2021

Cherry angiomas are small-shaped moles on the body, red in color, and require a cherry angioma laser removal procedure to be treated. These cherry-like bulging spots can appear anywhere on the body and can cause discomfort. Cherry angiomas are common among people who are in their 30s or more. 5280 Laser Aesthetics specializes in radio frequency treatment using the latest techniques.

How are Cherry Angiomas Treated?

There is no need to go through a cherry angioma removal procedure unless it’s bleeding or causing major discomfort. Here are some of the procedures that are helpful for cherry angioma removal:
  • Radio Frequency Treatment. It is one of the most common cherry angioma removal treatments. It is also suitable for all skin types to treat these red moles without any damage.

  • Laser Treatment. Laser treatment for cherry angiomas is a fast and most effective method. The laser is used to emit heat to destroy these cherry-like red spots from your body. If you are worried about the cherry angioma laser removal cost, it will take only two to three sessions to treat these red moles with a laser.
  • Cryosurgery. This method involves treating the cherry angiomas with freezing nitrogen to break them down with cold.
  • Shave Excision. Last but not least, a shave excision can be done for cherry angioma removal, which involves removing top layers. It can take some time and might leave scars in some cases.
With years of experience, our experts work to fix your skin. We use the latest techniques in our radio frequency treatment for cherry angioma removal. Book your appointment today!
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