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We Offer Laser Acne Scar Removal Services

18 June, 2021

Acne is an unfavorable but normal part of life. While for many, this condition clears with age, those who experience severe acne end up with scarring and dark patches on the face. Now, you don’t have to go through life feeling self-conscious of your skin. 5280 Laser Aesthetics offers a number of non-invasive and effective laser skin treatment methods, including laser acne scar removal, to help you to finally eliminate acne scar tissue.

So, what causes acne scarring?

Well, acne scars occur as a result of inflamed or infected discoloration on the skin. This happens when the skin pores get filled with too many dead skin cells, bacteria, or oil. The pores begin to swell, creating lesions that may heal fast but leave an accumulation of infected materials behind. 

The most common acne-prone areas of the body that can benefit from acne scar laser treatment include:
  • Face 
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Upper arms
How collagen comes in 

While the skin is meant to work on its own to restore the damaged areas by filling in the disintegrated follicle walls with collagen, this does not happen flawlessly. And this is what leads to the formation of scar tissue. Also, the collagen restoration process tends to leave behind textured or blotchy skin.

How does laser acne scar removal work?

Acne scar laser treatment is a straightforward outpatient procedure that uses laser technology to get rid of skin imperfections where scarring has occurred. A non-invasive device is utilized to target the problem areas to gently dissolve the scar tissue. Acne scars removal laser uses focused light to target a specific area, and this saves the adjoining area from being damaged.

The laser treatment for acne scars cost usually depends on various factors, including:
  • The level of experience of your provider
  • The number of scars to be treated
  • The size of the target area
  • The number of treatments needed
Acne scar treatment laser doesn’t have any downtime, though you may require multiple treatment sessions depending on the amount of acne present and the severity of your scarring.  Book your appointment today!
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