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Expert Sun Spot / Dark Spot Removal Services in Colorado

18 June, 2021

Sun spots can appear anywhere on your skin. These dark patches and spots can look unseemly and are usually a sign of damage caused to your skin by sun exposure. The good news is that with professional laser skin treatment, you can effectively get rid of these marks. The removal procedure works great for freckles, age spots, pigmented marks, as well as any liver spots you may have on your skin. 

Dark spot removal laser treatment is a popular facial rejuvenation method. You get the benefits of surgery at a fractional cost and easier recovery. Skin treatment in any of our clinics is easy and has many benefits. We work with certified and trained dark spot laser treatment specialists, and you get younger, fresh skin. 

Your skin can develop dark spots or hyperpigmentation as you age, which can be caused by pregnancy, sun damage, acne, rashes, and other conditions. Don’t wait for blemishes to steal your confidence and reach out to us to get the best laser treatment for dark spots that your skin deserves.

Laser treatment for sun damage or dark spots is very effective in giving your skin an all-new, clearer, and fairer look. Laser devices are typically used in performing this treatment, which can take one to three sessions to complete.

Benefits Of Laser Sun / Dark Spot Removal
  • Fixes Wrinkles. Wrinkles form over time as your skin ages and loses its ability to produce collagen and elastin, the materials responsible for keeping skin tight and supple. Dark spot laser treatment removes the deep lines and wrinkles, and even facial scars, giving you complete rejuvenation.
  • Non-Invasive Method. Laser dark spot removal is non-invasive and easier than normal surgery. The downtime is minimum, and you will have very little discomfort or side effects to worry about. Different treatment options will offer varying downtime based on your need.
  • Natural Results. This treatment looks natural, unlike Botox. You will have a youthful appearance without looking rigid or artificial. Laser treatment for dark spots smooths your skin and does not have the side effects of surgical procedures.
Types Of Laser Sun / Dark Spot Removal

The most popular facial laser therapy includes CO2 and Erbium laser treatment.
  • Co2 Treatment - This method involves shooting short bursts of light called IPL energy to remove the fine layers of skin. The recovery of this process is around two weeks.
  • Erbium Treatment - This laser treatment removes semi-deep damages like wrinkles and lines from your skin, and there is minimal burning. If your skin tone is on the darker side, this is a good option. The recovery time is also minimal. 
Here at 5280 Laser Aesthetics, we offer world-class removal services across multiple locations in Colorado with our main location at Thornton, CO. We also have an online booking system to schedule your appointments anytime. Book your appointment today!
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